Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SDAIE Assessment

Next week in my Lab Biology class, our students will be conducting a CSI lab testing evidence left at the crime scene and comparing it with the lunch of the suspects to determine who stole Jerrell's iPod. Students do a pre lab where they test different foods for Starch, Glucose, Protein, and Lipids to familiarize them with the testing process. Students then design their own experiment to determine who stole Jerrell's iPod. This is primarily student run, but they must get approval of their procedure and how they will collect data before they can begin. Instead of a lab report, students will be giving a brief oral presentation of their findings which must include the steps of the scientific method. They will be given a rubric (see below) to guide them in creating their presentation.

For ELL's, we will be focusing on the Oral Presentation category of the rubric and adjusting it for I+1. A "3" is Advanced, "2" is Early Advanced, and "1" is Intermediate. Most of my students will be graded against a "3" because they are early advanced English learners. The standard requires ELL's to speak to be understood, using standard English grammatical forms, intonation, pitch, modulation, and I added academic vocabulary.

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